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PACAD Ministries
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Pacad Ministries (Plant a Church a Day)

PACAD MINISTRIES                                                                               Plant a Church a Day Ministries       Located in Andhra Pradesh, India; They strive to plant as many Christian, Bible believing Churches as the Lord Jesus will allow them to plant. Samuel Joshua Geddam is Pastor and planter, and has planted 52 Churches in the area,  he has a vision of aproximately 4300 Chuches. He has invited me and my family to join him in this endeavor for the Lord and has named me International Director of Pacad Ministries. In India, a country with a majority of the population being Hindu, they suffer much persecution for Jesus Christ. They do a lot of soul winning to plant these Churches and often times having things thrown at them and beaten for their Faith, this makes it harder on them, but the Lord Jesus strengthens them with His promises. They need all the encouragement they can get if only to send an e-mail with your kind words. It costs only $1000.00 US dollars to plant a Church there. If you would like to donate to their outreach you can contact them at the link below or Western Union to:                                          

When you support one of these Pastors you will receive a profile on him with the location of the village and the number in the congregation.  If you choose to support a church plant, PACAD will name that church after one of your loved ones as a memorial. You will  also receive monthly updates about the Pastor and congregation. The Pastor will send these reports personally.  Your $40.00 monthly support will pay for the Pastors needs. This will help the Pastors greatly as many of the villagers may not have monetary means to support their church. The congregation may support the Pastor with produce or animals.

Samuel Joshua Geddam   D N0 69-1-10/1 Hope Childrens Home   Bhaskar Nagar   Rajahmundry 533105,  East Godavary District,  Andhra Pradesh, SIndia    Telephone 011-91-883-2448597 You will need to e-mail them with the Western Union reference number.

Pacad Ministries

You can sponsor one of the fine men of God at PACAD for a donation of $40.00 per month.  Any offering given will be given 100% to PACAD for the furtherance of the Gospel.