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Bible Fellowship Church of Christ


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Not an affiliate of Church of Christ

Bible Fellowship Church of Christ does not claim any denominational affiliation.  We are an Independant Bible believing church.  We are based on the Internet right now as we wait on funding for Gods call on us to India.  We will be accepting no help from any mission board unless it is a donation only. We will be moving totally to India to do the work that Jesus Christ has laid upon my heart. He has showed me great tasks to be accomplished in India. The people there are enslaved by Demonic forces through the practice of the Hindu, Buddhist,and mystery religions(cults) in that area.  They allow more than half of the grain supplies to be eaten or spoild by cows and rats, two animals they consider sacred. Bible Fellowship Christian Ministries will be working hand in hand with PACAD Ministries and Hope Children's Home, in the East Godavary District of Andhra Pradesh, India.  The Ministry partnership will be planting churches, evangelizing the lost, caring for the orphanrd children and taking care of widows. All these things are supposed to be done by EVERY New Testament Church.  The Church is to send out missions to all areas to spread the Gospel. The Church is to have fellowship with one another and Spiritual growth. The Church is to reach out to the Lost to help them find the TRUTH. Many churches in America are not doing this for one reason or another. We will do all Jesus commands of His Bride.  If you would like to be a part of a growing Christ centered Ministry to the Lost.  You can do three things for us.   1) Pray for Bible Fellowship Christian Ministries         2) send check or money order to 513 SE Nolan   De Kalb, TX. 75559     or send a paypal donation to      May the Lord richly bless you all.




If the Lord moves you to donate to Bible Fellowship Church of Christ,  you can  make a Check, money order, or cashies check to Pastor Spencer Petrofsky.   513 SE Nolan     De Kalb, TX.    75559  or you can use paypal for a donation online.  The e-mail acct. is